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Every Child Can Learn to Read

  • Ottawa Public Library 101 Centrepointe Dr ottawa canada (map)

Presented by Decoding Dyslexia Ontario (Ottawa Branch)

Speaker:  Nancy Young. B.A., M.Ed. (Special Education) is a consultant working with educators and families across Canada and globally, building awareness of the need for, and­­­­ supporting implementation of, evidence-based reading instruction in schools.

Although the importance of learning to read gets a lot of attention, countless children are still not mastering this vital skill. Why? Vague provincial curriculums and poor teacher training have left many teachers unprepared to teach the essentials underlying skilled reading. The result?

Struggling students, struggling families, AND struggling teachers. This presentation will:

  1. Summarize range of ease when learning to read (irrespective of intelligence)

  2. Compare UNbalanced instruction to instruction based on the science of how children learn to read

  3. Describe why it is so crucial that students at risk (dyslexia, ELL, impoverished environment…) are systematically taught, from kindergarten up, the structure of the written “code” that represents speech

  4. Explain why expanded knowledge of language structure offers valuable enrichment opportunities for advanced readers

Nancy will share examples of teaching strategies, including code-based movement activities, demonstrating how intellectually engaging and fun the learning journey can be for ALL!