Process to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Although the terms used are different in each province, all Ministries provide for a process to identify the need for, develop and review an IEP.  This process is done by a committee or team with parent involvement.  The team will meet initially to determine whether a child falls under the necessary definition to receive an IEP, and then will typically meet annually to determine whether the identification and supports are still appropriate.

The important thing to remember as a parent is that you most definitely have a right to attend these meetings, and to receive all of the information that the committee members have to prepare for it.  Although many parents are told that once identified, the annual meetings are just formalities, we at Dyslexia Canada recommend that you attend all of the annual review meetings.  This is your opportunity to hear what the committee feels is best for your child, and for you to help them understand your child’s strengths, challenges, needs and feelings. 

Here are some helpful links on what the IPRC is and some tips on how to prepare for it.

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