Ontario Human Rights Commission underscores the duty to accommodate children with Dysleixa

Dyslexia Awareness took a small step forward in Ontario.  Last week, Renu Mandhane, Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), acknowledged that children with dyslexia must be accommodated in Ontario schools in a tweet on April 9th.  She further urged parents of children with dyslexia (whether your child's school actually calls it dyslexia or a specific learning disorder) to report discrimination in obtaining appropriate special education services including identification, assessment and intervention. 
In response, not-for-profit organization Decoding Dyslexia Ontario has created a one page resource for parents on how to identify discrimination.  We would encourage all parents in and outside of Ontario to look at the summary and excellent resource https://decodingdyslexiaontario.com/

We are encouraged by the statement of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and hope that this will spur the very necessary discussion needed to address the crisis taking place in our classrooms.