Mark it Read 2019

In recognition of International Dyslexia Awareness Month, Dyslexia Canada with the proud support of IG Wealth Management, is launching our second Annual Mark it Read for Dyslexia Campaign in October.

Imagine trying to manage every day life with a hereditary disability that makes it difficult to read, write or spell like everyone else.  This is the reality faced by Canadians who live with dyslexia.

For the 1 in 5 kids struggling with dyslexia, the teacher's red pen is a constant reminder of the lack of awareness and support needed for them to actually learn to read, write and spell with their peers and be successful in school and in life.

This October, buildings and monuments across Canada will use red lights to show their support for the 10 - 15% of Canadians living with dyslexia. 

Mark it Read Lighting Schedule

Don’t see your city here – we have put together a draft letter that you can use to request your local businesses, libraries, city halls, schools to light up.  Be sure to share with us your success so we can highlight their participation.

Help spread the message by finding your own way to Mark it Read

Looking for Inspiration?

  • Come out and see us - take a selfie with one of the “red monuments”

  • Be adventurous - dye your hair red for one day

  • Get your office involved – ask everyone to wear a red shirt to show their support

  • Share your story – are you or do you know someone with dyslexia? Share your support on FB and Twitter

  • Engage local businesses -ask your local shops to light their windows and doors red for one day

  • Bring out the holiday décor – string up your red Christmas lights in October

  • Call City Hall – ask your city hall to Mark It Read

  • Join the PTA – ask your school and classroom teacher to participate. We have a letter for that – or see the suggestions below on how teachers can participate



Scanning Pens Ltd has generously offered to outfit a classroom with Reader Pens to help support efforts for dyslexia awareness. For your chance to be chosen for the $3000 class pack of C-Pen Reader Pens show us how your school or classroom is going to Mark It Read this October.

Share your school’s participation on our Instagram or Facebook social media channel with the hashtag #MarkItRead and you’ll be entered into our draw on Nov 1st. One classroom will be selected at random to receive the prize. For more information on Scanning Pens or for full contest rules check out the Scanning Pens website. Good Luck.

Watch this video and see Scanning Pen's Visit to the Halton District School Board.

We want to hear your ideas

Whatever you choose—make sure you take a picture and post it, tweet it, share it!  We want to hear about it!

red projects.png

For teachers and schools

Learn more about Dyslexia and the students in your class impacted by it at Did you know that the average classroom has at least 3 students with Dyslexia?

  • Get your class and school involved our national campaign and help us Mark It Read
  • Show the award winning short animation See Dyslexia Differently
  • Follow up with an activity that allows your students to dig deeper. This free downloadable teacher resource pack is a useful place to start
  • Only use red pens, crayons, chalk for one day
  • Have everyone wear a red shirt for one day
  • Have a “red” themed art project
  • Decorate your class in red
  • Incorporate a discussion and lesson on learning differences into your classroom