Through partnerships with dedicated public, private and non-profit organizations, Dyslexia Canada is helping to build a strong national voice to ensure children in Canada with dyslexia receive a fair and equitable education. 

Our partnership support takes on many forms—from providing financial support and sponsorship, to in-kind and donated services, to hands-on support. Our partners include corporations, private donors, like-minded non-profits, schools and universities, and media partners. 


Founding Partners: 

Our Partners demonstrate a true commitment to seeing a change in Canada.  They have been instrumental in the advancement of Dyslexia Canada's mission as well as the building and strengthening of the organization.  Their foundational contributions represent a commitment to ensuring that there is a strong voice for the Dyslexia community in Canada. 



Our Champions have committed their organizational expertise, energy and compassion to find ways to increase Dyslexia Canada's reach, capacity and influence.



Our Sponsors are committed to supporting the programs, services, information and supports needed to ensure that all children in Canada receive a fair and equitable education.



Dyslexia Canada is proud to work alongside the many charities, non-profits and organizations in Canada that strive to see children with Dyslexia receive the education they deserve.


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